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Referral Partners - the key to cost-effective marketing


Why is referral marketing so effective?

In today’s mobile-driven, Internet-fueled age of information, instant gratification, and Millennials with a do-it-yourself attitude, I’ve often been asked about the best strategies for attracting clients and getting referrals in this shifting business landscape.

Last week, I talked about how to use internet marketing and word of mouth marketing together to get more referrals and income from your networking efforts.

This week, I’m going to dive deeper into how you can use both the internet and in-person relationships to harness one of the most powerful client attraction strategies in the world: referral marketing.

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Internet Marketing or Word of Mouth? It’s Better to Use Both!

There’s been some debate over which is better: online marketing, or word of mouth.

They both have their advantages. Online marketing helps you to reach large numbers of people quickly and educate them about why they need your services, while word of mouth builds trust and connection faster, and is often the quicker path to making a sale.

If you want to attract the maximum number of clients and build your business quickly, you shouldn’t be thinking of internet and word of mouth marketing as an either-or question. They work better together!

To attract more clients, your marketing system needs 4 elements.

When you’re running a small business that does not yet have a large, dedicated client base, it’s especially important to make sure your marketing system has these four components:

  • Networks of people to support your business
  • Referrals from trusted clients and business partners
  • Advertising
  • Public relations

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